We offer 322 categories of sorted wholesale vintage clothing. Our categories range from mens workwear to womens 60’s dresses so we guarantee there is a category for each of your customer’s needs. Take a look at our expansive list of categories for more information.

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We offer one of the largest inventories of sorted, organized, vintage clothing with 80,000+ items and 322 categories. We receive and process up to 150,000 used items a day of which approximately 1% is vintage. We take the time to do the work for you by sorting it based on category, style, and decade.

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Shop wholesale vintage clothing in person at our Atlanta, GA facility. Minimums Apply.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“It's so great to go picking in a place where you really notice the difference, the care for the customer and the grading of the vintage”

“I just wanted to let you know I received the products when I got back yesterday and it was.....AWESOME!!!! Thank you guys!!”

“I’ve been so pleased with working with you all, and very impressed with the grading of the vintage products”

“I really had a great time, and can’t wait to come again”

“We have just sorted the order from GCI - there was some really great stuff in there! It's exactly the kind of stuff we are after.”

“We were truly so happy with all the stock we got from GCI last trip, it is of a much higher standard than the other warehouses we visit. A testament to what a strong team and operation you guys have!”

“I really enjoyed my visit to Atlanta Vintage Shop…. it’s so great to go picking in a place where you really notice the difference, the care for the customer and the grading of the vintage. Can’t wait to come back!”

“Thanks again for making our last visit great. We were so exhausted when we left, so we forgot to mention it, but Nayeli was so accommodating to let us sort through extra things, and we appreciated it so much. We would like to come back in 3-4 weeks & buy at least 3x as much in the categories from last time with some additional categories.”

“I'd like to come back soon if you have an open day. We've had the merch on the floor for only 3 days and have had major success. We need to restock!”


How do I make an appointment to shop?

You can inquire or schedule an appointment here.

Do you take online orders?

Too busy to travel to us? Click here to explore our remote shipping clothing bale offers. 100lb bales are shipped LTL with 6 bales per pallet. Get a quote today.

Where are you located?

We are located in Atlanta, Georgia at

300 Wharton Circle
SW Atlanta, Georgia 30336

What are the prices?

Each of our items are priced individually based on quality and age. The individual price per item can range from $6 to $30+. We require a minimum purchase of $2,000. 

Why can’t I buy individual items?

We only offer bulk wholesale in order to ensure our customers leave with a large quantity of the best quality items. This allows us to provide the best quality AND quantity of vintage items so our customers can provide the best inventory for their own shops.

Who typically buys from you?

At Atlanta Vintage Shop we have customers come from down the street and across the globe. Our customers range from brick and mortar stores, movie productions companies, and online sellers. If you have a need for bulk vintage clothing- we have you covered.

Where do you source your vintage items from?

As a division of Global Clothing Industries (GCI), we receive used clothing from a massive network of various retail thrift stores. We then sort through the items to find the best vintage treasures for our customers. 

Can I donate to you? 

We do not take direct donations. 

Is there a minimum order amount?

In order to provide the highest quality selection at the best prices, the minimum order on the first appointment is $1,500. The minimum for recurring appointments is $2,000.