About The Atlanta Vintage Shop

Who We Are

Atlanta Vintage Shop offers an extensive inventory of quality, wholesale vintage items. We are a branch of Global Clothing Industries (GCI) which is one of the world’s leading wholesale used clothing suppliers.

We are capable of distributing quality items to vintage shop owners, vintage online retailers, vintage reworkers, and to wardrobe departments in the television & movie industry. We also offer a variety of textiles for purchase including cashmere.

Our vintage curators have the experience, training, and ability to recognize and pick special items from the 1960’s onward which can be purchased at excellent wholesale prices. At Atlanta Vintage Shop we are fully staffed and happy to accommodate large-scale buys for our variety of customers from shop owners to TV and film wardrobe departments.

What do we offer?

We feature 322 pre-sorted vintage categories which allows our customers to locate the items they want with ease. We offer a great experience for our customers that enjoy the thrill of the hunt for unique vintage treasures.


We are located in Atlanta, Georgia and operate out of one of GCI’s expansive warehouses. As a branch of GCI we process up to 150,000 pounds of used clothing daily and sort through it to curate a selection of the best vintage treasures for our customers. Because we process so many items per day, we have become known as the industry’s secret stash for quality, wholesale vintage items.

Our Process Is What Set Us Apart

-GCI processes up to 150,000 pounds of used clothing daily.

-Our trained vintage team picks out around 5,000 vintage items weekly and performs quality checks on each item.

-The items are then sorted into over 322 categories based on a number of factors. Items are sorted by item, quality, style, and/or decade and then priced individually depending on the item itself.

-We work hard to maintain an average inventory of 80,000 items in the shop. As the only bulk vintage wholesale distributor to sort our items this way, we offer a premium shopping experience for our customers.

Our Team Is What Keeps Us Going

Here at Atlanta Vintage Shop, we have a dedicated team of trained vintage experts. They sort through the used clothing we receive on a daily basis and pick the best-curated vintage items for our customers. They are dedicated to taking the time to sort and price each item individually to be sorted into our more than 322 different vintage categories. Combined, our staff has 30 years of vintage and picking experience. Atlanta Vintage Shop is proud to offer exceptional service and products.

Sustainability Is Our Main Goal

Atlanta Vintage Shop and it’s parent company is dedicated to helping the environment. Wearing used or vintage clothing reduces the amount of clothing waste dumped into our landfills. Here at Atlanta Vintage Shop, a branch of GCI, we process approximately 150,000 pounds of used clothing per day and 1,500 pounds go to the vintage department. We then sort by category, age, and quality into more than 322 categories. We are dedicated to doing the work to help make the world a better place.